Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Been Awhile...

Actually, it's been over a month. Long enough for people to come looking for me, and for my friend "V" to threaten to shut me down. Long enough for my Mother to say she had given up. The truth is, I've been here, on blogger everyday...reading and browsing, laughing, and enjoying...OTHER people's blogs. After Christmas here at Little Bird Cottage was like what Audrey Hepburn called "the mean reds" in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Not blue, not sad, just...not anything. I could go on and on about how I DREADED taking down the Christmas tree, and how I swore I'm not even putting up a tree next year....but since Valentines is next week, I think I need to spare everyone the "after Christmas drama" (which, by the way, next year, I will be putting up a tree, but will forgo the Nutcrackers, Tea Pots, Nativities, and all other non-essentials that never seem to fit back into their respective boxes).

January was filled with "getting back into the swing of things", like organizing closets and making trips to the Goodwill (for drop off, not for purchase). Of course, January was also filled with Arden running me ragged, endless classes and activities which I know my daugher enjoys but often leave me muddering to myself, "Mommy needs a break", or "Mommy needs a coffee", or in real desperation, "Mommy needs a Martini", don't worry Mommy usually doesn't get any of the above, so don't call Child Protective Services about that last one. :)

Even though we are one week shy of St. Valentine's Day, I can't let the calendar keep me from posting our Christmas pics. Don't hate me. Here is goes:

A few days before Christmas...
A Beautiful Dress, a Purse, a Pearl Necklace, a Fire Truck...What more could a girl need?
I tried all Season to get her to stand next to this Santa...this was the closest she ever came.

Ready for her "Kinder Music" Christmas Party. Arden walked into the party shouting "HI!" to everyone...unfortunately, she's so short, no one heard her. Luckily, she was unfazed by this!

Christmas Eve at MiMi's house (my moms).

This car was her favorite present, from her MiMi...and a little red purse was the other favorite.

Pretty tired at the end of the night...there's that purse.

This table was her present from us. This table was also almost the end of our relationship as it had horrible instructions and Andy was overzealous with the power drill. We finished it though, some wood putty and a few "YOU BROKE IT!" accusations, and it was done. Hallelujah!

Christmas day at MiMi's.

Dancing away for the whole family...

Getting help with her purse from her Great-Great-Grandmother!

Is this the chair that Santa sat in last night?

Guess who has to push her in her favorite present, even when it's EARLY in the morning and it's COLD outside?

I like this present for me...they say you never forget how to ride a bike. Does the same go for a tricycle?

Hope to be on here more soon! Arden says she misses you all! Take Care!!



Friday, December 19, 2008


Yes, I made this!! Can you tell I'm excited? I got the idea from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage, one of my favorite bloggers. It's a Dunkin Hines cake mix (i used vanilla) with 1 cup of coconut added to the mix. Then I took another idea from Family Circle Magazine and added Strawberry Preserves in between the two layers. I opted not to put to much coconut on the cake's frosting because not everyone in my family loves coconut, and I served this when Andy and I had everyone over for "Christmas Cake and Coffee".

I painted that little wooden birdhouse with acrylic paint and glued some fake "snow" on top. This actually only the 3rd cake I've ever made, so I'm reaaaalllly pleased with how it turned out!

I didn't get a picture of it when it was cut...darn! Guess I will have to make it again. These days I can barely get a picture of this one below too! Arden runs away every time I get the camera out. Here she is on the night of out 'Cake & Coffee' party...

Tonight we will be attending a 'Christmas Potluck'. Can't wait to see all my friends, although one very special friend will be missing...Vanessa! We will miss you, "V"!!!

Christmas Threw Up here too...

At least that's what I thought when I uploaded these photos! Here's our modest little "skinny" tree...

The weather here was GROSS all week. Cold and rainy and OVERCAST. Made for horrible pictures, that's why I didn't get to show off my "skinny" tree until today. Arden spent all week doing this...
Love those boots...

Don't exhaust yourself this weekend! Remember, it's not about getting ______ the perfect pair of fuzzy slippers!! It's about family and friends, and Christ our King!



Friday, December 12, 2008

A "non" Christmas Post

My tree has been up since December 3rd. Mary, Jesus, Joseph, and Santa Claus have been lighting up my front yard for a week now. I finished shopping for 10 people yesterday and half of the gifts are wrapped. My camera has been resting quietly in my bedside drawer since Thanksgiving, along with a stack of books that have been waiting for me. Perhaps this weekend I will finally take some pics to chronicle all the holiday cheer around my house (and get in some good reading time too). In the meantime, let's change things up a bit.
I've been looking at Christmas Tree and Christmas decor postings on other people's blogs for 2 weeks now. They are all LOVELY, absolutely LOVELY. I've never seen so many wonderful St. Nicks, vintage berries, frosty snowflakes, or pinecones. Today however, I thought I would give tinsel and garland a break and do something a little different. How about some Bedroom Inspiration!? Now, now, don't get snarky on me--I'm referring to decor!

I found all of these on Better Homes & Gardens, I'm sure they've made the pages of blogland before, but if you haven't seem them, I know you will find them inspiring. Which one is your favorite?
The walls in this one below is the same color as Arden's Nursery...

Could you sleep in this room below? The wall color is very similiar to my kitchen. I'm inspired by the picture, but not quiet sure I could really snuggle up in here...Perhaps it's just to colonial? Oh, I know! The bed's to small!
Now, here's a picture of someone I could definetly snuggle up with!
These pictures are from a few days before Arden fell and scratched up her face. BTW, Arden's face is healing nicely. Thank goodness, bcs we are taking photos next week!

Tomorrow we will enjoy time at the park and then lunch together, the 3 of us. Have a great Saturday! Soon it will be Christmas on here too!



Friday, November 28, 2008

Fall-Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Tomorrow I will be packing all of these things up...

Here is a pic of the gang at Thanksgiving Brunch....Don't we all look like we have so much to be thankful for? WE DO! Family and friends and so much more!

Arden fell off a park bench on Wednesday and injured her face just in time for Thanksgiving. I wasn't around, she was with Andy at the park. She was sitting down eating a snack when she lost her balance and just toppled right over into the gravel. I think it hurt Andy more than it hurt her! She is a tough cookie, he said she barely cried. We are wishing, hoping, praying it doesn't leave a scar.
Doesn't it seem like Fall just flew by? Now it is time for a White Christmas!! Well, probably not for us here in South Texas, but it's always good to have a little hope! Our own little Eskimo is ready...

Have a GREAT weekend!



Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day!


Every year we head to a Hotel for a Thanksgiving "Champagne Brunch". We've been doing this for about 4 years now and have always loved it. As Andy says, "it's nice to stay home and cook a turkey and stuff, but what about the person that has to cook it all and then clean everything up?" Hey, my Mom and I aren't going to argue with him about that one!

Going to the same hotel yearly, this is the first time that we have been disappointed in the entire experience. :( I suppose because of the economy, there was a very poor turnout at the Brunch, and so it seemed the food selection was cut back dramatically. They also cut out the live music they had featured in the past. We were all excited about the music because Arden adores live music. With lots of empty tables, no entertainment, and a mediocre menu, we were all a little disappointed. It's a real reminder of how bad the economy is for everyone when you have an experience like this. :(

Regardless, we all have SO much to be thankful for, and I know we were each happy to be dining together on Thanksgiving, with a healthy and happy baby girl for us all to take turns bouncing around. I will have to post a pic tomorrow.

On another note, my closest friend, Vanessa, whom I've talked about many times on here, has moved to San Jose, California. She is in route from Texas as I type this. "V", we will miss you greatly!!! I will miss your companionship, as well as your occasional drive-by deliveries of Devil's Food Cake and Tyler Florence Meat Loaf. I know Andy will especially miss those drive-by deliveries!

Vanessa has decided to start her own blog, Texi-Cali, so that she can chronicle her adventures! To anyone reading my blog (besides my mom, I think this makes all 2 of you!), stop by Vanessa's blog when you have a chance, I know she's logged her first post already.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter what your situation is, I am positive you can look around your home and find someone or something to be thankful for!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I saw this sign this morning and it made me laugh, since this week is Thanksgiving. I keep it hanging in my kitchen entrance, everyone laughs when they read it...

November has been filled with everyone at Little Bird Cottage taking turns getting sick. It's made for some very BOOooring weekends. This past weekend a cold front blew in that made everyone want to stay inside like an Eskimo. Texas Eskimos, that is.
Here are some pics from Church a few weeks back...

I'm hoping to get one more post in before Turkey Day, but just in case I don't, HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!